don stevenson caribou harvest Don Stevenson grew up on a small family farm in the foothills of Alberta. It was here that he became interested in the outdoors, where hunting and fishing were a way of life. During these times, Don’s grandfather gave him his first knife. Since then, he has rarely not had a knife with him.

Don spent time working in a meat processing plant and as a hunting guide for many years, where knives were an integral part of his daily life. It was through this lifestyle and the ever-present love of bladed tools that he came to knifemaking.

Don has been fortunate to be mentored by some very knowledgeable knifemakers and was able to sharpen his skills under their watchful eye.

Don has been making knives for 24 years. He started by making a few different styles but over the years has come to make many different styles for all kinds of different uses. With a select group of professional guides these knives have developed and tested in real life.

In the last 15 years, Don has been fortunate enough to be a mentor to few beginners and, from time to time, has started teaching classes in his shop. In addition, these classes have also contributed to his learning.

Don strives to use the best materials and processes available to bring quality products to customers and friends. He is always researching new materials and methods.

Don believes in giving back to the community, both near and far, supporting conservation groups and charities. Don has been supporting the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta for 22 years by donating the banquet knifes. As well, Don has sent knives to both Alberta Wild Sheep Foundation banquets, both Wild Sheep Society of BC fundraiser banquets, Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation Mid-West Chapter and Wild Sheep Foundation Reno National Convention. In addition, Don also supports Safari Club International chapters and other local Conservation groups.




David C
british columbia

Purchased one of Don’s knives from a charity auction. Absolutely love this knife, pack it on me all day every day. Holds an edge extremely well and has been very durable. I will definitely be contacting Don next time I need a knife.



I needed a sturdy general purpose knife for hiking.  Don knew exactly the details I needed for my knife, guided me thru the process and it goes with me everywhere.

Aaron P
British Columbia

I hired Don to craft a matching set of sheep horn handled caping knives. One was to be presented to my son when he got his first stone sheep. Well a great 40” ram he did get!!! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and love put into these knives!! Thanks again Don Stevenson.
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